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longmeng science and technology

Chinese Website - A Flexible, Cost-Effective Way to Create a Chinese Presence.
At present, China is maintaining rapid economic growth all over the world. Mainstream businesses have struggled to identify the most effective ways to reach the Chinese market. Many have realized that at a minimum, they must offer some translated materials welcoming Chinese Internet users. The distinctions created by culture, heritage and practices require a more sophisticated approach for optimal results. In the last 5 years, some famous companies had to slow down their paces in entering Chinese markets, because of too expensive propaganda and advertisement fees. As to this phenomenon, we offer an economical and effective way -- Chinese website to the overseas institutions and enterprises, which can make you be known and understood by Chinese people and take possession of Chinese market as soon as possible.

What can we do for you?
Chinese Website Design
Create a comprehensive and more sinicized Chinese website upon your English website. According to your business actual requires, we will make a Chinese website which will be liked by Chinese people and be suitable to Chinese browsing habits. We will create a customized professional image for your company online with all of the functionality. Besides, we will also provide you with the ongoing updates and maintenance for your Chinese website to ensure that it is running smoothly and is kept fresh and up to date.

English to Chinese Website Translation
Translate your English website to Chinese and make it more localized in China and fit for the reading habits of Chinese, then make it known by more Chinese people.

Make more Chinese know better about your products and services
Throughout our design and development, make more Chinese people find your products and services among Chinese frequent-used search websites and keep your Chinese website top-rank in those websites.

IT Service Outsourcing
We will provide you a package of solutions, including a domain name that is suitable for Chinese people to memorize, confirming a fast server throughout China, confirming the contents and its correspondence positions to meet your requirements and some other services.

If you have Chinese website design requires, please contact us at:
Tel :0086-535-6641848
E-mail:123 @longmeng.com