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    Longmeng Technology Company is a professional high technology company, set up in 1992, and have own servers in America, Beijing, Shandong and so on. Our company's headquarter is in Weihai, and we have many service centers in Beijing, Dalian, Yantai etc. Our company has a first-class management, top-notch talent and comprehensive related hardware and software of network development, manufacture, business operation and quality assurance capabilities to ensure providing customers with reliable high-quality equipment and services.
    Our company always regards "serve customers dedicatedly" as the purpose of business, with professional and pragmatic service. The total of every kind of project undertaken and completed by us is than 3,000 items, covering software development, network routing, website and many other aspects.
    What’s more, we have a group of high-level English translators, who have all the necessary guarantees of offering high quality service with a good reputation, high quality, and also reasonable prices. High quality is our soul of business. As to the translation documents, we will assign to professional translators to translation. Every translation document will be checked for at least three times before delivering to our customers. We would do our best to complete any tasks you required. "Devotional, passional and experiential" is our management faith, "Let the customer satisfied" is our persistent tenet and "Make Longmeng as the No.1 brand in Chinese market" is our pursuing goal.