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longmeng science and technology

About IDC Data center

Longmeng technology data computer rooms adopt today's most advanced technology equipment and technology.These rooms with high standard,high security and high reliability are built according to international standards.They provide equipment management, service management, quality assurance, data backup and disaster services. uninterruptible power supply systems, 24-hour monitoring services,security of data centers and high-speed and high-broadband national backbone Internet access services.The top level net environment and

high-intensity telecommunication special cabinet of data center can provide host service and adequate

broadband ensurance for senior network operation that has special requirement on operating environment.And they also provide timely monitor and report of broadband for customers.host customers own the configuration right on equipment,and can set sufficient development space aside for users according to their requirement.

Power System

Rooms adopt three high voltages to supply eletricity,and supply capacity is 20000KVA.Dual Redundance (1 +1) UPS power,three groups of super high efficacy backup diesel generators group supplies 7800KVA reliable backup power supply capability, thus ensuring adequate, continuous electricity supply and over 99.99% continued supply rate. Under normal conditions,to protect equipment through the current UPS protection from influences of voltage fluctuation and noise. When the power is stopped non-normally, diesel generator system will respond within 15 seconds.

Tight Safety Facility

All staffs,entering into and going out of the room must wear IDC passes with photoes.Professional security guards check identifications(check pictures) of all people for 24 hours. Access control system check the visitors'identification by fingerprint and IC card dually.Staff can timely understand the situation of the whole room and staffs in every room through computer.All rooms are equipped with a closed-circuit television systems with separate video systems.And all videos are retain for one month so that VIP clients can timely read them.

Accurate Air-conditioner System

The exclusive air-conditioning system adopted has following features :

· Natural outdoor cold air in winter is used to refrigerate,which protects environment,economize energy and reduce operating costs.

· Air is sent airwards through the use of wind tunnel.So the air supply is more uniform and the air flow and velocity can be regulated arbitrarily,which particularly are suitable to the Cabinet servers refrigerate by entering in front and being out from back.

The installation of central air conditioning units eliminates the hidden dangers of water and maintain them easily.

Controller-style design, the air-conditioning units have redundant backups for each other

The power is supplied by dual lines to every air-conditioning unit to ensure operate continuously

Installing humidifier system which is in reserve ensure the room humidity in northern dry areas.

Fire Safety System

Adopting high-sensitive laser-active early smoke detection and alarm systems to guarantee that the potential of fire is discovered at the first time.And making use of FM200 environmental protection gas fire control system to put out fair without blackout.

IDC room photograph

IDC room photograph